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date Thu, 02 Sep 2010 18:26:05 +0200
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Gajim 0.14 (02 September 2010)

  * Jingle audio / video chat
  * Improve Startup time
  * Copy emoticons, LaTeX expressions when they are selected
  * Fix status icon transparency by using gtk.statusicon
  * Groupchat auto-rejoin
  * geolocation (with geoclue)
  * use XDG standards
  * SCRAM-SHA-1 and SASL EXTERNAL authentication
  * MUC captcha
  * Lots of refactoring

Gajim 0.13.4 (02 April 2010)

  * Add japanese translation
  * Fix some TLS connection
  * Don't raise a lot of "DB Error" dialog
  * Fix contact synchronisation
  * Minor fixes

Gajim 0.13.3 (23 February 2010)

  * Fix facebook xmpp server connection
  * Fix copy / paste with Ctrl+C on non-latin keyboard
  * Fix sending PEP information when connecting
  * Fix parsing HTML messages that have ascii markup

Gajim 0.13.2 (14 January 2010)

  * Fix some translations
  * Fix string comparison according to locales
  * Fix resizing of groupchat occupant treeview
  * Fix some gnomekeyring glitches
  * better SRV usage with libasyncns
  * copy emoticons when we copy / paste in conversations

Gajim 0.13.1 (28 November 2009)

  * Fix a bug when no account exists and bonjour is not available
  * Fix a bug when opening advanced option in MUC
  * Fix a bug when using non-BOSH proxies

Gajim 0.13 (24 November 2009)

  * Improve gtkspell (fix memleak)
  * BOSH connection
  * Roster versioning
  * Ability to send contacts
  * GUI to send XHTML messages
  * Improve sessions handling
  * pubsub storage (for bookmarks)
  * Ability to select account when joining a groupchat
  * Better Gnome keyring support
  * Ability to ignore occupants in groupchats
  * Ability to show / hide self contact row
  * Automatically go away when screensaver is enabled under windows
  * Ability to enable / disable accounts
  * better URL recognition
  * groupchat autoreconnect
  * Store passwords in KDE wallet if available
  * Better MUC errors handling
  * Fix sound player launch (don't create zombies anymore)
  * Optional shell like completion
  * New color theme

Gajim 0.12.5 (08 August 2009)

  * Don't depend on GTK 2.14

Gajim 0.12.4 (07 August 2009)

  * Fix History manager
  * Fix file transfer proxy discovering at connection
  * Improve filetransfer with IPv6
  * Fix zeroconf when receiving badly encoded info

Gajim 0.12.3 (12 June 2009)

  * Fix PLAIN authentication (in particular with Gtalk
  * fix PEP discovery

Gajim 0.12.2 (07 June 2009)

  * Better keepalive / ping behaviour
  * Fix custom port handling
  * Improve error messages handling
  * Totem support for played music
  * Fix SSL with some servers
  * Handle XFCE notification-daemon
  * Restore old behaviour of click on systray: left click to open events
  * Network manager 0.7 support
  * Move logs file under windows to $APPDATA/gajim
  * Improve Kerberos support
  * Many bugfixes here and there
  * Add -c option to history_manager

Gajim 0.12.1 (21 December 2008)

  * Fix filetransfer
  * Updated german translation
  * Fix click on notifications when text string is empty
  * Improve systray popup menu

Gajim 0.12 (17 December 2008)

  * Fix text rendering in notifications
  * Fix forward unread messages under Windows
  * Better sessions support
  * Better auto-away support
  * Fix banshee support
  * Quodlibet support
  * Fix GSSAPI authentification 
  * Fix IPV4 filetransfer on Windows Vista when IPV6 is used too
  * Fix caps usage
  * Fix end to end encryption autonegotiation

Gajim 0.12-beta1 (11 November 2008)

  * Implement Kerberos (GSSAPI) SASL Authentication mechanism
  * Prevent affiliation spoofing in groupchats
  * Improve GPG and E2E support

  * GUI
  * Highlight all valid IANA schemes
  * Improved E2E, Mood and Activity dialogs
  * Show number of participants in groupchats

  * Connection
  * Correctly parse IDNA names in SRV records
  * Disable proxy resolution (#4299)
  * Fix handling of namespace invalid XML
  * Do not freeze on connection failures (#4366, #4107)

  * Do not crash on fluxbox restarts
  * Update several hotkeys and make them work on non-latin keyboards
  * Prevent a user from sending invalid XML chars
  * Do not try to save a file with a too long filename when a nick is long
  * Implement XEP-0203 (Delayed Delivery)
  * Improved windows installer
  * Latex support for windows

Gajim 0.12-alpha1 (12 August 2008)

  * Change licence from GPLv2 to GPLv3

  * Support for End-To-End encryption (XEP-0116)
  * SSL certificate verification
  * Improve GPG support (#2390, #2783)
  * Ability to disable message previews in notify popups

  * Support for sending files over group chats
  * List of bookmarked rooms is now sorted alphabetically
  * Support for transforming a one-to-one chat into a groupchat
  * Send invitation by drag-and-dropping a contact from roster
  * Send messages to conference using gajim-remote
  * Ability to destroy a room when we are owner, give a reason and alternative room jid
  * Ability to minimize group chats in roster
  * Files transfers using drag and drop
  * Ability to select and interact with status messages in chat windows (using libsexy)
  * Ability to set a custom avatar for a contact
  * Better handling of resource collisions
  * Option to Sign On as a Certain Status (#3314)
  * Block/Unblock contact directly from roster using privacy lists
  * GUI
  * Single window mode
  * Close change status windows after 15 seconds of inactivity
  * Simplified "Accounts" dialog
  * Preferences window redesign
  * New GUI for chat window
  * Roster treeview now uses modelfilter (way way much faster)

  * Support of PEP (Personal Eventing Protocol) (XEP-0163)
    * User Mood (XEP-0107)
    * User Activity (XEP-0108)
    * User Tune (XEP-0118)
    * User Nickname (XEP-0172)
  * Support for Google Talk accounts with non domain (+ GMail notifications)
  * Modified the format of emoticons list file, so we can choose the default code (#3696)
  * New Remote Controlling Option (XEP-0146): forward unread messages
  * Support for User Search (XEP-0055)
  * Support for jabber:x:data in message elements (Part of XEP-0004)
  * Added a Ā«supported featuresĀ» window
  * Latex support (#2796)
  * Link-local messaging with Windows (#2883)
  * Ability to send a custom status to a group, a contact or a transport
  * Support of Message Receipts (XEP-0184)

Gajim 0.11.4 (06 December 2007)

  * Fix /nick command in groupchats
  * Better Metacontacts sorting
  * Fix Ctrl + PageUP/Down behaviour
  * Fix saving files from filetransfer under windows

Gajim 0.11.3 (17 November 2007)

  * Fix bookmarks support detection
  * Improve file transfer on windows
  * Fix some zeroconf bugs
  * Fix focus bug in chat window
  * Fix nickname changement behaviour in groupchats

Gajim 0.11.2 (22 September 2007)

  * Improve idle, transports support
  * Enable ellipsization in roster and chatwindow
  * Fixed some metacontacts problems (#2156, #2761)
  * Beter support of XEP-0070 (Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP)
  * Make the same height of a banner for all chat tabs
  * Fix a bug with french translation and invitations (#3043)
  * Fix a bug with UTF-8 and emoticons
  * Corrected many bugs with passwords and gnome-keyring
  * Improve xhtml-im and pictures support
  * Improve Ad-Hoc support
  * And many other bufixes

Gajim 0.11.1 (18 February 2007)
  * Fixes in gajim-remote and the way XMPP URI are handled
  * Fix Idle under Windows
  * Fix Gajim under non-ascii languages Windows
  * Fix International Domain Name usage
  * Fix when removing active privacy list
  * Fix problem with adhoc command and multi-step forms
  * Fixed avatars cache problems in group chats
  * KDE integration for XMPP URI
  * Support of Banshee Music player
  * Support of XEP-0202 (Entity Time)
  * Support of XEP-0199 (XMPP Ping)

Gajim 0.11 (19 December 2006)
  * New build system, using GNU autotools. See README.html
  * Support for link-local messaging via Zeroconf using Avahi (XEP-0174)
  * Automatically connect and disconnect to accounts according to network availability (if Network Manager is present)
  * IPV6 support to connect to server
  * Ad-Hoc commands
  * GNOME Keyring Support (if GNOME keyring is available, manage passwords and save them in an encrypted file)
  * Introducing View Menu (GNOME HIG)
  * Ability to now hide the Transports group
  * Support for notify-python. So if notification-daemon is not available, we still can show cool popups
  * Connection lost is now a non-intrusive popup
  * Try to get contact desired nick when we add him to roster aka User Nickname (XEP-0172)
  * Support for Privacy Lists (XEP-0016)
  * Better design of User Profile window, with a progress bar
  * New Add User dialog, with possibility to register to transport directly from it
  * Completion for "Start Chat" input dialog
  * Metacontacts across accounts (#1596)
  * Ability to have a different spellchecking language in each chat window. (#2383 and #746)
  * Forbid to run multiple instances (but you can use differents profiles)
  * Ability to save avatar with right click on avatar in chat banner
  * Annotations (XEP-0145)
  * XHTML Support 
  * Rhythmbox and Muine song change notification
  * Ability to operate on more than one contact at once in roster (#1514)
  * Send single message to a whole group 
  * Delete a whole group
  * Gajim now remembers if GPG encyption was enabled per contact
  * Priority can be changed automatically when we change status
  * Fuzzyclock support
  * Mute sounds from systray menu
  * Add possibility to start a chat or see contact's infos from subscription request window
  * Use different colors for each participant in groupchats
  * Ability to show only Join/Leave in groupchats instead of all status changes
  * New possibilities to insert nickname of a participant in groupchat conversations: Tab in an empty line now cycles through nicks, maj+right click->inserts nickname, maj+click on name in gc-roster, /names command to show all users presence
  * Fixed bugs when removing or renaming an account with tabs open (#2369 and #2370)
  * New translations: Croatian, Esperanto, British English, Belarusian

Gajim 0.10.1 (06 June 2006)

  * Freeze and lost contacts in roster (#1953)
  * Popup menus are correctly placed
  * High CPU usage on FreeBSD (#1963)
  * Nickname can contain '|' (#1913)
  * Update pl, cs, fr translations
  * Don't play sound when no event is shown (#1970)
  * Set gajim icon for history manager
  * gajim.desktop is generated with translation (#834)
  * Preventing several TBs and annoyances (r6273, r6275, r6279, r6301,
  r6308, r6311, r6323, r6326, r6327, r6335, r6342, r6346, r6348)

Gajim 0.10 (01 May 2006)

  * One Messages Window ability (default to it) with tab reordering ability
  * Non blocking socket connections. Gajim no longer remains unresponsive.
  * Gajim now uses less memory
  * File Transfer improvements (now should work out of the box for all)
  * Meta Contacts ability (relationships between contacts)
  * Support for legacy composing event (JEP-0022). Now 'Contact is composing a message' will always work
  * Gajim now defaults to theme that uses GTK colors
  * Roster Management Improvements (f.e. editablity of transport names, extended Drag and Drop Functionality)
  * History (chat logs) Manager (search globally, delete, etc)
  * Animated Emoticons ability
  * Support for GTalk email notifications for GMail
  * Room administrators can modify room ban list
  * Gajim no longer optionally depends on pydns or dnspython. Requires
  dnsutils (or whatever package provides the nslookup binary)
  * gajim-remote has extended functionality
  * Improved Preset Status Messages Experience
  * Detection for CRUX as user's operating system
  * New art included, appropriate sizes of icons used where available
  * Translations under Windows now work okay
  * Tons of fixes for bugs and annoyances:

Gajim 0.9.1 (27 December 2005)

  * Fix bug when joining a Groupchat
  * Fix bug when starting Gajim without old logs

Gajim 0.9 (23 December 2005)

  * Avatars and status messages in roster window
  * Improved service discovery window
  * Emoticons selector, Cooler Popup Windows (notification-daemon). Read more information in case you did not notice something different in
  * Caching of Avatars, Less UI freezing
  * New Account creation wizard
  * Better History Window with searching capabilities
  * Gajim now tries to reconnect to a jabber server if connection is lost
  * Queue for all events (File Transfer, private messages, etc)
  * A lot of new irc-like commands in group chat. Do for example /help invite
  * X11 Session Management support
  * Gajim registers and handles xmpp: and xmpp:// (GNOME/gconfd only)
  * Use pysqlite for conversation history. Automigration for old logs 
  * New translations: Italian, Swedish, Slovak, Basque

Gajim 0.8.2 (06 Sep 2005)
  * Fix so Gajim runs in pygtk2.8.x
  * Gajim can use pydns too (apart from dnspython) to do SRV lookup
  * Other minor fixes

Gajim 0.8.1 (02 Sep 2005)

  * Systray icon for windows
  * Gajim is available in Dutch
  * Gajim can use gpg-agent

Gajim 0.8 (18 Aug 2005)

  * Avatars (JEP-0153)
  * Chat state notifications aka. typing notification (JEP-0085)
  * Bookmark storage (JEP-0048)
  * File Transfer (JEP-0096)
  * Major changes to adhere to GNOME HIG
  * Complete vcard fields support
  * New and better user interface for chat and groupchat windows
  * SRV capabilities and custom hostname/port
  * Many improvements in group chat and IRC emulation (eg. nick autocompletation and cycling)
  * Gajim can now send and receive single messages
  * New iconsets and new dialog for customizing the user interface
  * Mouseover information for contacts in the roster window (aka tooltips)
  * DBus Capabilities. Now Gajim can be remote controlled
  * Authenticating HTTP Requests via XMPP (JEP-0070)
  * Now you can lookup a word in Wikipedia, dictionary or in search engine
  * XML Console
  * Gajim is now also available in norwegian and czech language

Gajim 0.7.1 (5 Jun 2005)  

  * Transports icon as an option and error/mesage icon for transports  
  * Gajim is more HIG compatible  
  * Editing registration information on transports  
  * Messages stanza without <body> element are not printed  
  * SASL bugfix  
  * GtkSpell capabilities  
  * Support SSL (legacy) connection  
  * Assign gpg key to specific contact  
  * Contacts are sortable by status  
  * Gajim remembers last lines when reopening chat  
  * New translations available: German, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian

Gajim 0.7 (23 May 2005)

  * Ability for groupchat reserved rooms with full affiliations and roles support
  * Popup notification for incoming events
  * Protocol icons for contacts from transports
  * Gajim's user interface is now more HIG compliant
  * Gajim now detects and can send operating system information
  * Gajim now can inform the user about new version availability
  * Gajim jabber library migration from jabberpy to xmpppy
  * Rewrite the plugin system to remove threads and improve latency
  * Gajim now supports Nodes in Service Discovery
  * Greek and Polish translations

Gajim 0.6.1 (03 April 2005)

  * Rewrite of service discovery. It doesn't freeze Gajim anymore.
  * More HIG Compliant.
  * Gajim is faster (do not redraw preferences_window each time we open it, use
  of psyco if available)

Gajim 0.6 (23 March 2005)

  * Gajim's user interface is now nicer.
  * Groupchat just got better.
  * URL, mailto and ascii formatin (* / _) detection
  * Better transports detection, group management, and many minor additions/bugfixes

Gajim 0.5.1 (27 February 2005)

  * Minor bugfixes.

Gajim 0.5 (26 February 2005)

  * Possibility to use tabbed chat window
  * Sound support under GNU/linux
  * Autoaway available under Microsoft Windows

Gajim 0.4.1 (23 January 2005)

  * Bugfix in config file parser (fix config file parser to handle emoticons)
  * Bugfix with GPG signatures

Gajim 0.4 (21 January 2005)

  * New option: regroup accounts
  * Emoticons support with a binder
  * GUI improvements
  * Bugfixes

Gajim 0.3 (18 December 2004)

  * GUI improvements
  * group chat support with MUC (JEP 45)
  * New agent browser (JEP 30)
  * GnuPG support
  * Autoconnect at startup
  * New socket plugin 

Gajim 0.2.1 (1 July 2004)

  * bugfixes : when configfile is incomplete
  * icon in systray with popup menu (for linux)
  * "auto away even if not online" option
  * always show contacts with unread messages
  * new imageCellRenderer to show animated gifs
  * allow agents unregistration 

Gajim 0.2 (8 June 2004)

  * bugfix for french translation
  * multi-resource support
  * auto away support (for linux)
  * invisible support
  * priority support 

Gajim 0.1 (21 May 2004)

  * Initial release.