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<h1>Gajim Read Me</h1>

<p>Welcome to Gajim and thank you for trying out our client.</p>

<h2>Runtime Requirements</h2>
<li>python2.5 or higher</li>
<li>pygtk2.22 or higher</li>

<h2>Optional Runtime Requirements</h2>
<li><a href="">PyOpenSSL</a> (python-pyopenssl package in Debian) (>=0.12) for <em>secure</em> SSL/TLS. Python's default SSL is insecure, so this package is highly recommended!</li>
<li>python-pyasn1 to check SSL/TLS certificate</li>
<li>python-crypto to enable End to end encryption</li>
<li>For idle module, libxss library</li>
<li>For zeroconf (bonjour), the "enable link-local messaging" checkbox, you need dbus-glib, python-avahi</li>
<li>dnsutils (or whatever package provides the nslookup binary) for SRV support</li>
<li>gtkspell and aspell-LANG where lang is your locale eg. en, fr etc</li>
<li>gnome-python-desktop (for GnomeKeyring support as password storage)</li>
<li>kwalletcli (for support of KDE Wallet as password storage)</li>
<li>notification-daemon or notify-python (and D-Bus) to get cooler popups</li>
<li>D-Bus running to have gajim-remote working. Some distributions split dbus-x11, which is needed for dbus to work with Gajim. Version >= 0.80 is required.</li>
<li>python-dbus bindings (>=0.81)</li>
<li>python-kerberos to use GSSAPI authentification. Note: version1.1 or higher is required</li>

<p>Some distributions also split too much python standard library. I know SUSE does. In such distros you also need python-xml the xml lib that *comes* with python and not pyxml or whatever.</p>

<h2>Compile-time Requirements</h2>
<li>intltool (>= 0.40.1)</li>

<p><strong>NOTE:</strong> If you still have problems compiling, you may want to try removing the gtk1 series of the above dependencies.</p>

<h2>Installation Procedure</h2>
<li>tar jxvf gajim-version.tar.bz2</li>
<li>cd gajim</li>
<li>make (builds translations)</li>
<li>su -c make install</li>

<p>To specify where to install do:</p>
    ./configure --prefix=custom_path

<h2>Running Gajim</h2>
<p>Just do <em>gajim</em> or you can run Gajim from your GNOME/Xfce/KDE/whatever menus.<br/><br/>
or if you use hg version and you didn't 'make install' you can also run from gajim folder with<em>./</em></p>
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<h3>Note for hg users</h3>
<p>You will need GNU autotools in order to install Gajim from svn. This includes:</p>
<li>automake &gt;= 1.8 </li>
<li>autoconf &gt;= 2.59 </li>
<li>intltool-0.40.1 </li>
<li>pkgconfig &gt;= 0.19</li>
<p>steps to compile gajim:</p>
    $ ./
    $ ./configure
    $ make
<p>Alternatively, if you don't want to install all these packages, you can get a nightly snapshot from <a href="">here</a> and procede as usual:</p>
    $ ./configure
    $ make
<h2>Uninstallation Procedure</h2>
    su -c make uninstall
<p>this will try to remove Gajim from the default directories.
If you want to remove it from custom directory provide it as:
    ./configure --prefix=custom_path
    make uninstall

<h3>XML &amp; Debugging</h3>
<p>If you want to see the xml stanzas and/or help us debugging
you're advised to enable verbose via advanced configuration window.
If you don't want to make this permanent, execute gajim with --verbose
everytime you want to have verbose output.</p>

<p>FAQ can be found at <a href=""></a><br/>
Wiki can be found at <a href=""></a></p>

<p>That is all, <strong>enjoy!</strong></p>

(C) 2003-2012<br/>
The Gajim Team<br/><br/>

We use original art and parts of sounds and other art from Psi, Gossip,
Gnomebaker, Gaim and some icons from various gnome-icons
(mostly Dropline Etiquette) we found at
If you think we're violating a license please inform us. Thank you.</p>